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Shadow IT: How To Detect And Mitigate Cloud Security Risks

Here’s how to identify shadow IT, find the root cause and provide a secure alternative to users to prevent data loss and security breaches. There is no shortage of stories in the business press today about the dark and dangerous world of shadow IT where bad guys are stealing corporate data from employees’ personal cloud

Bring Your Own Cloud: What You Need to Know Today

As consumers become more familiar with devices and software traditionally reserved for the workplace, IT will have to establish best practices and stringent rules to maintain efficient and safe employee operations. Mobile device management (MDM) software exists to help IT monitor and manage how employees use personal smartphones and tablets for remote work. However, no

Google ditches storage lock-in for Docs

For a very long time, Google has focused on building its own productivity software to serve everyone from consumers to massive enterprises, and then locking people into its core experience. That all changed on Wednesday. The company announced that it’s partnering with Box to let users of the enterprise cloud storage and content services platform