E3 2018, cloud gaming on all screens instead of consoles the future

EA, Microsoft and Sony see a near future in which the home consoles will no longer be necessary, just a smart TV for the best gaming experience or a smartphone to play wherever you want.

Microsoft has announced it is working on a new cloud gaming service, a service that will no longer require an Xbox One console. Microsoft will be so ‘to adapt to the competition, with Sony and Electronics Arts who are also on this line.

“Our cloud engineers are building a network of streaming games to make quality console games available on any device,” said Phil Spencer, executive chairman of Microsoft’s games, at Microsoft’s press conference at Electronic Los Angeles Entertainment Expo 2018. “We are committed to perfecting the user experience wherever we want to play – Xbox, PC and smartphone.”

Electronic Arts has recently announced plans to develop a cloud gaming service that allows users to play high-end games on mobile phones, smart TVs and low-end laptops such as Chromebooks, Variety reported.

Thanks to cloud gaming the device only has to view the game, which is physically performed on the servers of the company that offers the service; so you need to have a good internet connection in order to have a smooth gaming experience, but the hardware of the device from which you play is less important.

Sony already offers Playstation Now, a service that allows the streaming of hundreds of PS3 games on PS4 console and Windows PC, a first step towards the availability of cloud gaming on multiple platforms.As much as Microsoft will have ready its cloud gaming service is unknown.

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