Google One: new offers for Cloud Storage

Mountain View has announced specifications and pricing for its cloud data storage offerings through the Google One platform. The proposals are particularly varied to ensure the highest level of customization possible, but among all the features available in particular we highlight the possibility of sharing the same space between different accounts.

The minimum bid allows you to access 100 GB of space for $ 1.99 a month, it is a formula already known to users of the service to which you add another one from $ 2.99 a month for a 200 GB cut. It remains unchanged the quota of 15 GB free that anyone can take advantage of simply having a Google Account.

On the other hand, the offer that made it possible to have 1 TB of space for 9.99 dollars a month has been removed, but this is good news because with the same amount you can use as many as 2 TB. It should also be noted that all those who previously activated the 1TB formula will receive an upgrade to the higher configuration.

However, there are no news regarding the 10, 20 and 30 TB offers that will continue to cost 99.99, 199.99 and 299.99 dollars a month, respectively. All new formulas will be available in the United States over the next few hours, while for other countries (including the Peninsula) you will have to wait a few more weeks.

As for the sharing of space between multiple accounts, the latter was probably introduced to meet the needs of those who were forced to activate different accounts to access more free space. The current configuration requires that up to 5 different users can access the same storage quota.

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