Oracle Marketing Cloud: more effective sales processes if the data is integrated

The group, to simplify and optimize sales processes, integrates with 6sense, Demandbase, LookBookHQ and Mintigo.

To help sellers engage customers, accelerate the sales cycle and close multiple orders, Oracle announced new native additions to Oracle Marketing Cloud. The new additions with 6sense, Demandbase, LookBookHQ and Mintigo allow to obtain in-depth knowledge based on real data, which help to identify high-potential buyers, create engagement and close orders faster.

With 6sense

The new integration between Oracle Eloqua and 6sense helps sales teams increase the conversion rate. Integration allows customers using Oracle Eloqua to take advantage of AI-based forecasts with in-market data that can be obtained from the 6sense Demand Orchestration Platform, having a unified view of each client’s business and also including information intent and anonymous interest of potential customers, including analyzes of their competitors and other relevant intent data.

With Demandbase

Integration with Demandbase helps traders to easily and quickly access useful information to speed up and simplify order closing. The sales process improves with the availability of customer information generated by the AI on the data available in the Conversion Solution of Demandbase natively within Oracle Eloqua.

With LookBookHQ

The integration with LookBookHQ gives commercials rich and useful information on the level of preparation of their potential customers, analyzing how they used the available digital content.

With Mintigo

The integration with Mintigo allows retailers to know, discover and engage their potential customers in a personalized way on a large scale.

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